Second New Podcast! Modern Goat Rider

JULY 13, 2020
Modern Goat Rider podcast
New Podcast for Odd Fellows launches July 13, 2020

The Modern Goat Rider is adding more Oddfellowship to Podcasts 

Victoria, BC: The landscape for Odd Fellows podcasts has been baren for too long! If you have been searching for information about Odd Fellows or how to live a life full of Oddfellowship, then this podcast is ready for your discovery.

The Modern Goat Rider podcast has launched on all podcast platforms and distribution services, including iTunes, Spotify, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Podcast Addict (plus more each week).

When you tune into the Modern Goat Rider, you will hear co-hosts Brother Billy Sanderson and Brother Josh Miller discuss life inside and outside of Odd Fellows. When joined by guests their view of Odd Fellows around the world expands. Subscribe and listen to join them on the journey.

Josh and Billy bring differing perspectives and opinions to animate every topic and avoid information only podcasting. They want you to be inspired to think about membership, community support, lodge function and everyday life more broadly through the lens of Oddfellowship.

You may know that The Three Links Oddcast was also successfully launched this month. Modern Goat Rider and the team at Three Links Oddcast are staying connected to make certain when you download both podcasts… which you really should do… you will get different coverage on different topics.

Modern Goat Rider can be found not only through podcast services, as episode can be streamed at and you can join the Facebook group for up to date discussions at Modern Goat Rider: an Odd Fellows podcast.

Episode 1 is now available to get you acquainted with the hosts, and new episodes will be launched twice a month beginning July 20th. Remember to subscribe to the podcast to get automatic downloads! And when you do, leave a review as it helps others find the podcast when they are searching for Odd Fellows.

Cheers in FL&T.

Check out Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Apple Music, Google Podcasts, TuneIn Radio (Amazon Alexa), CastBox, Stitcher, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Castro,… but if we have not reached your favorite podcast service yet, try

Visit Sovereign Grand Lodge: Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Visit our Facebook page: Heart In Hand

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One thought on “Second New Podcast! Modern Goat Rider

  1. I really enjoyed listening. I am not a member yet, but one day I will get the chance. Stay well and thanks for your effort putting this content out there!


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