Communication Breakdown – by Seth Anthony

Let’s face it, with the average age of our membership, the most effective method to reach all of the Odd Fellows in Sovereign Grand Lodge is through a paper publication. It’s the single best way our leadership has to communicate to all of members. Yet, I’m willing to bet the vast majority of our Brothers and Sisters opt out of this communications device by choosing to not re-subscribe. By doing so, they are choosing to turn off communications with our national leadership, which in turn disconnects them from the fraternity.

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The Fraternal Spectrum – by Seth Anthony

“We all have the same problems you know” he said. “Whether Odd Fellows, Masons, Pythians, or Rotarians – it’s the same issues, they just have different names.” I pondered on that statement and realized how true it was. Later, I spoke to my Pastor who lamented the issues facing the church and membership. Then I heard it again from a client at work, who was saddened by the lack of interest in their charitable mission.

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Telling the Story of Odd Fellowship

This year, on Halloween, I had the pleasure of going to a live performance of the Lore Podcast given by its creator, Aaron Mahnke, at the historic Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia. If you’ve not checked out Lore, I strongly encourage you do. During each episode, Mahnke tells a series of strange, historically accurate stories relating to a common theme. His show has over 97 million downloads and was recently made into an Amazon Prime television series.

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