Odd Fellowship is Progressive Part II by Michael Greenzeiger, GW CA

Unlike other types of organizations, which may find it desirable to have a set of officers or leaders that varies little from year to year, in Odd Fellowship we see value in giving as many brothers and sisters as possible the chance to participate in leadership. While, the “desk officer” positions of Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, and Treasurer do often remain with the same individuals from year to year, there also exist the “line offices” which comprise a series of steps leading up through Noble Grand which are designed to be switched every year as the members advance.

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What is Oddfellowship? The Three Link Fraternity

The name itself signifies something different or out of the ordinary. And, it is ODD, because it endeavors to enlighten the mind without taking privileges.  It conforms to Law, Religion, and sound Morality without usurping the rights of the rights of the church or that of the courts.  It creates a brotherhood and sisterhood and not a division among men and women.  It presents life in all its fullness, through degrees, so linked together that each one receiving the degrees may broaden his or her mind and elevate his or her character.

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CONSIDER THE POOR. (Adapted and edited for the 21st century reader from The Symbol and Odd Fellows Magazine, 1845. I used 19th/early 20th century photos and drawings to keep with the tone of the article) We call the attention of our readers to the following excerpt, from a report, made by the Episcopal city missionary, Bro. […]

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