Odd Fellows Survey Results

A while back we did a survey. While we had well over a hundred views for the survey only 76 responded. It’s important to note that with the huge technology gap we have in the Order, these responses don’t get the results we might have had if we could survey members who aren’t comfortable with […]

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Be the Match

All it takes is one….. One spark to pierce the darkness…. To set tired hearts afire with hope and motivation… And bring about the new bright dawn after years of slumber… Once enthusiasm ignites,  with light and positivity, it will spread like a wild fire. Don't wait for someone else to start the chain reaction, […]

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For We Are But Shadows

For we are but shadows, floating for a moment over time soon to be dissipated by the light of eternity. Our sight is darkened by ignorance, our understanding by passion. Void of wisdom, we know it not. The lambs with wolves shall graze the mead, the steer and lion at one crib shall meet, and […]

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The Rainmaker Revival

  Traditionally, a Rainmaker is a Shaman who would be brought in during a drought to perform a magical ceremony and shoot an arrow into the sky to make the clouds open up and rain to save that season's crops.   In the business world, a Rainmaker is brought in to bring new vision and […]

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Odd Fellows Makeover

There has been the need for a makeover for the Odd Fellows for a good long while. Most haven’t heard of us. Those who have either think that we are long gone or just a few old guys that hang out once a month. Sadly, that is the reality in many places, punctuated by the random Lodge here and there that is having a revival.

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All Earthly Greatness Goes Away

  This is not a solid world in the way we may think of it. Sure, we see rocks as solid, concrete as solid, steel and other metals as solid. Yet, as our skull and bones emblem reminds us, all things decay, disintegrate, and transform. This is a reminder that the┬ánatural world around us is […]

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