Blame and Shame -by Joseph Benton

One of the great things about Odd Fellows is that we are given instruction to take the positive approach to life: Friendship, Love and Truth are the most prominent of these admonitions we are given to experience in Odd Fellowship and to extend to the world.

It may seem like there is no access in Odd Fellowship to address the negative aspects of life in a way that gives us access to the positive. After all, it is because we must have an absence of light to know that there is light; we must be able to distinguish false from true.

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It’s Time To Bring Back the Axe -by Joseph Dowdy

In the 1800s, any man entering Odd Fellowship, or today, man or woman, should be aware that if we are to avoid disaster (as our order is very much in danger of collapse in the near future as we all know), we must recognize the part of our human nature which allows the “trees and herbage in the soil of our nature that brings not forth good fruit” and to labor to destroy it. In other words, we must not just recognize what there is to work on in ourselves, but also that we work on it vigorously.

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Our Past Will Save Our Future -by Joseph Dowdy

And, in 1860, if you were an Odd Fellow traveling and needed emergency healthcare or if you were in financial distress and a local lodge was contacted, then someone would telegraph your lodge and verify your standing and then provide the aid you need. In your lodge, you would do the same for a travelling Odd Fellow in need. This was a big deal and big attractor back then because if you traveled and fell ill or became incapacitated then you would likely be robbed and left for dead. Today as an Odd Fellow you may wonder what kind of aid would be afforded to you if you were traveling to a state where Odd Fellows is no longer quite as active.

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