50,000 Views in Two Years!

A little over two years ago, two Odd Fellows who were Facebook friends were discussing the lack of new Odd Fellow content online.   So we cooked up a crazy idea of starting a blog together.   We had no idea where we would go with it or if anyone would bother to read it, but it was worth a shot.  So here we are two years later!  Not wanting to toot our own horn and we know we aren’t the biggest blog in the world but all expectations were blown away. 50,000 views is a lot more than we ever expected to get.

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Thomas Wildey’s Life and Love of Odd Fellowship

True, he was known to many now living; but even they were not admitted to the knowledge of his private walks, or to witness those home scenes which more than any other indicate the man.  He was at all times reticent, or entirely silent, about himself, and his solitary life gave no glimpse into the obscurity of his domestic secrets. He was manifestly of humble extraction, and might be ranked one remove above a common laborer.

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The Music of Odd Fellows Reclaiming the Odes Closing Ode – Italian Hymn -by Todd Swanson

Last time, we looked the Opening Ode “Columbia” written by Odd Fellow Brother John Seiffert. Next, we examine the Closing Ode set to the tune, “Italian Hymn”.  As I mentioned in my last article, the odes of Odd Fellows have been set to several familiar tunes not necessary written by or for the Odd Fellows. The first of the closing odes being a composition from Felice De Giardini known as the (Italian Hymn).

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Communication Breakdown – by Seth Anthony

Let’s face it, with the average age of our membership, the most effective method to reach all of the Odd Fellows in Sovereign Grand Lodge is through a paper publication. It’s the single best way our leadership has to communicate to all of members. Yet, I’m willing to bet the vast majority of our Brothers and Sisters opt out of this communications device by choosing to not re-subscribe. By doing so, they are choosing to turn off communications with our national leadership, which in turn disconnects them from the fraternity.

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