The universe uses emblems or symbols to reveal itself to humanity. In ancient days, groups of philosophers and mystics used the symbols of the natural world to teach deep philosophical ideas to their initiates. The Rosicrucians, also originally known as Brothers of the Rose Cross, are an ancient Order supposedly connected to the Templars. The […]


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No cheating. See how well you do! In what century is it commonly believed that Odd Fellowship was founded? A) 19th, B) 16th, C) 17th, D) 18th Who was the Odd Fellow that was president during the Reconstruction period in the United States? A) Augustus Garland, B) US Grant, C) Abraham Lincoln, D) Thomas Jefferson Which […]

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Death and The Lady

Believed to be written during the Bubonic Plague or “Black Death” during the late 14th and early 15th century, this song reflects on some of the lessons in the Initiatory Degree. English Folk Singer Norma Waterson sets the song up and sings magnificently. The lyrics can be found below. Waterson:Carthy sings Death and the Lady As […]

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Facebook and Political Posts.

It’s political season in the United States. In the lodge, politics and religion are forbidden topics of discussion among members. Outside of the lodge, not so much. Here’s a reminder: THIS is who we are in IOOF:    We’re friends! This is who we are NOT: As an Odd Fellow, I do everything in my […]

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