CONSIDER THE POOR. (Adapted and edited for the 21st century reader from The Symbol and Odd Fellows Magazine, 1845. I used 19th/early 20th century photos and drawings to keep with the tone of the article) We call the attention of our readers to the following excerpt, from a report, made by the Episcopal city missionary, Bro. […]

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Tips For Creating An Effective Social Media Campaign For Your Lodge

If we’re going to continue increasing membership, we need to consider this statement: In order to recruit Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z, we’re going to have to engage them online using social media FIRST.   “…using social media FIRST” is an extreme statement, but I mean to sound extreme to challenge some of you to understand the […]

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50,000 Views in Two Years!

A little over two years ago, two Odd Fellows who were Facebook friends were discussing the lack of new Odd Fellow content online.   So we cooked up a crazy idea of starting a blog together.   We had no idea where we would go with it or if anyone would bother to read it, but it was worth a shot.  So here we are two years later!  Not wanting to toot our own horn and we know we aren’t the biggest blog in the world but all expectations were blown away. 50,000 views is a lot more than we ever expected to get.

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