Blame and Shame -by Joseph Benton

One of the great things about Odd Fellows is that we are given instruction to take the positive approach to life: Friendship, Love and Truth are the most prominent of these admonitions we are given to experience in Odd Fellowship and to extend to the world.

It may seem like there is no access in Odd Fellowship to address the negative aspects of life in a way that gives us access to the positive. After all, it is because we must have an absence of light to know that there is light; we must be able to distinguish false from true.

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An Eye For The Lack Of An Eye

You have two eyes. Would you give one of your eyes so someone in a developing nation without sight could become seeing? You have two kidneys. Would you give one up so a stranger could live a longer life? What is it that drives some of us to look beyond our own interests and the […]

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