First Ever GUOOF International Online Meeting

Thank you to Brother Demetrius Feaster for sharing this moments occasion with Heart in Hand!

With the blessings of the Committee of Management IN America and Jurisdiction; as well as the District Grand Lodge of Georgia with St James 1455 hosting… This is uncut. This is the first online meeting of its kind… EVER with members from around the world. 05/17/2020. This has involvement from members of the USA, Ghana, and Bahamas. Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Nigeria will be on the next call along with the sisters of House Hold Of Ruth. This is truly a historic event. Odd Fellowship was introduced in Europe in the 5th Century. The members were called “Odd Fellows” because of their unique ceremonies and rituals. The Motto of Odd Fellowship is Friendship, Love, and Truth. Odd Fellows relieve members when sick, assist with the burial of members and their families, protect the widows of Odd Fellows, and educate orphans.

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