The Ante Room: Ep 2. Lodge Education with Darin Lahners

On this episode: Brother Darin Lahners is a member of Tuscola Odd Fellows Lodge #316, pretty much every Masonic appendant body, and regular contributor to the Midnight FreeMasons blog . He gave our Lodge a educational segment during “The Good of the Order” to show how easily it can be incorporated into the meetings to make them a little more interesting and give the members the much needed education we need. No unwritten work is discussed in this video.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

So what is an “Ante Room”? It is the small waiting room that serves as a buffer between the Odd Fellows Lodge Room and the more public spaces in the building. Often they are fully enclosed with no windows to create an intimate cozy space of personal reflection before gaining entry into the larger wide open Lodge Room where members can mentally shed the woes of their daily lives before donning their ritual regalia. The door featured in the opening was shot in the Ante Room of Tuscola #316 in Tuscola, IL

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