What is Oddfellowship? The Three Link Fraternity

Wise words from a vintage brochure that are even more relevant today.  To learn more visit IOOF.org!

Odd Fellows

The name itself signifies something different or out of the ordinary. And, it is ODD, because it endeavors to enlighten the mind without taking privileges.  It conforms to Law, Religion, and sound Morality without usurping the rights of the rights of the church or that of the courts.  It creates a brotherhood and sisterhood and not a division among men and women.  It presents life in all its fullness, through degrees, so linked together that each one receiving the degrees may broaden his or her mind and elevate his or her character.

What is Oddfellowship?

FIRST- It is an organization, because it is a systematic union of individuals in a body whose officers, committees, and members work together for a common goal.

SECOND- It is a philosophy of life, because we have certain standards of living, and govern our thoughts and conduct according to the principals of practical wisdom; and are advocates of the vision of truth.

THIRD- It is a unified effort to promote that philosophy, because we are organized in communities throughout the world, in Grand Jurisdictions and a Sovereign Grand Body.  This affords an opportunity for counsel, assimilation of wisdom and application and extension to others.

FOURTH- It is an obligation everyone owes to others, because we are all created equal and governed by the laws of our Creator.  The principles and purposes to which we have all obligated ourselves must be upheld both within and without the Order if civilization is to survive the forces of evil and destruction.

FIFTH- It is the teaching and application of Friendship, Love, and Truth; of Faith, Hope, and Charity; of Universal Justice, because these are the principles of our doctrine; the basis for thought and action which will create peace and harmony among men and women, thus leading us toward our ultimate goal.


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