GUOOF: Looking back at 175 years of excellence, then looking forward… -by Bro. Supreme Page

By Brother Supreme Page

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I greet you all quite early this morning in the bond of Friendship Love and Truth!

Many historians note the #GrandUnitedOrderofOddFellows as one of the most significant black mutual aid societies even at its beginning stages in the 1840’s. By the 1880’s, the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows underwent a remarkable expansion period and went far beyond the local pockets of membership of its early days.  The development occurred in a time of increased racial consciousness and institutionalized self-help for blacks.

I reflect on the fact that today marks our 175th anniversary of existence in this country !!!! Hmmm….. I am not even sure where to go with my thoughts on the subject matter being that we have done so much with so little light shined upon us that we have nearly secreted ourselves to death ! I am grateful for the brethren I meet as I travel this path carrying the torch of #Oddfellowship into the next 175 years.

As far back as history will allow, we have had countless individuals whom we can hold up on our shoulders as exemplary guides as to what our purpose…..was……Visit the sick,Bury the dead,Relieve the distressed, and Educate the Orphan…..While the Government has all but relieved us of those necessities in our community through their own programs, we must find another way to now fulfill a need which most don’t even realize is an issue! The Fellowship !!!!

Our bond as brothers and sisters working together under one banner is what our people need to see!  This Order is multi-generational and we need to show this more now than ever before. It’s on US to prove we still deserve to exist in a country chock full of unnecessary distractions !

Our children are growing up in a world where the black community collectively raising them is a thing of the past. A world where they are turning to the streets or organizations who bear fruit from our trees while we sit idly by and allow it !  If we are to survive and one day thrive again even, it starts with today! On this day March 1st 2018,  we can pledge our lives to aid in the re-lighting of the torch by telling someone you know, and more importantly, someone who knows you, that today is our anniversary…..Peter Ogden Day….Tell them why for so long you have dedicated your efforts to the cause of FL&T.

Our bonds of Friendship,Love,and Truth being displayed on a regular basis in itself could serve as an example for the rest of the world to admire and reciprocate…..It’s not the only way…..but it is OUR WAY ! I leave as I came, extra proudly today, in the bond of Friendship Love and Truth !

From the last desk of:  Bro. Supreme Page NG Wayman lodge 1339, Dist. 13 Gr. Historian and National Gr. Historian for America and Jurisdiction


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