Artwork: Reworking Old Images. Vol I.

Artwork: Redrawing the Cast Iron Horseshoe/Heart in Hand with Symbolic Analysis


Several years ago, I acquired this cast iron trivet/plaque.  Despite the damage to the dove and the rough appearance I had fallen in love with this depiction of the heart in hand.   It gave the appearance that the hand was giving the heart over, while still protecting it in its gentle embrace, like cradling a small bird.   It is a simple yet powerful image.  The bearer is both thoughtful and generous, careful yet ready to aid others. As Odd Fellows, we cannot just help anyone who comes to altar of aid.  That would cause damage to the hand that gives and the heart that loves by those who aim to take advantage of our kindness.  After all, one wouldn’t want to deliver the bird right to the open waiting mouth of the clever cat.   One’s heart and hand must be given only to those that truly will appreciate the gift, and care for it as their own until they are on sure footing and able to pay it forward to another.


Since I am a tattooer by trade I thought it would be cool to approach this piece as if it were a traditional Americana style.   I was able to “fix” the damaged parts as well. The first degree symbols of the bundle of sticks, the bow, and quiver of arrows are now more easily made out now as well.   This design is available to purchase on Zazzle.  All royalties earned go to my lodge Tuscola #316.

In F, L, and T,


Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 4.17.03 PM



8 thoughts on “Artwork: Reworking Old Images. Vol I.

  1. What a beautiful piece of work. Would love to use this as my emblem for Grand Master next year. Please let me know if I have permission or who to contact to get permission.



    1. I would love it if you used it for your Grand Master emblem. If you get pins made with it or anything like that, I would totally love for you to send me one! When you are preparing for your term, email me at and I can send you a clean file.


  2. That is an extremely cool design. I would really like to use that for a tattoo when I reach the third degree (in about two weeks). How much do you charge for the flash art or can I support your lodge in any way possible from my country of residence (Finland)?

    I’m a (relatively) young Odd Fellow, who just found your blog. Love reading your posts!


    Aaro Kare lodge #17 Turku


    1. Hello! If you could PayPal a donation in any amount of your choice to my lodge PayPal ID: that would be awesome! Also, once you get the tattoo please share the image with us! Congratulations on obtaining your Degrees! And thank you for liking our new blog! Feel free to write something and submit it as well!
      In FL&T


      1. Thank you for the information. I’ll make the donation! Also, I could submit something for this awesome blog, for example some Finnish / European experiences about our work.


      2. That would be fantastic! I’m sure many folks would love to learn more about how things are done in Europe versus the US. I will be looking forward to it!


  3. Hello, I just made the donation for the tattoo design for your lodge. Had the tattoo made yesterday. Thank you very much for keeping this blog up. Where should I send the photo?


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