A Remembrance of Mutual Relief – by Michael Greenzeiger, GW CA

Our forebearers in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows knew that the acts of love and compassion we performed were at the center of our collective identity and were the secret to our growth and success. Somehow, though, we have become increasingly distant from these noble ends and our Order has paid the price, becoming a mere shadow of its former self in terms of size and vibrancy. It didn’t happen all at once, but rather bit by bit until we have found ourselves in a place where many members don’t even know what our aims and principles are, let alone work to carry them out in their communities.

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New Spin on an Odd Name

By forming a more diverse Lodge we are creating a real world version of the idealized 80s trope of the underdog team (often kids) who join forces and combine their unique talents to go on a great adventure and save the day. Or they overcome a great oppressor and learn more about themselves and unlock their true potential in the process. But it is always done as a team, and no one is left behind. Sounds pretty identical to what the Odd Fellows are taught in the Degrees.

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The Dream of a Philosopher by Teike van Baden

Politicians have little or no idea of man as a spiritual being. Industrial leaders are generally not informed about the functioning of the psyche unless it involves marketing a product and thereby reduces its fellow human beings to consumers. The sociologists have little scientific knowledge of the hidden sources that influence that behavior and theologians, if they really want to be useful, must at least have a basic knowledge of human biology.

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Artwork: Reworking Old Images. Vol I.

Several years ago, I acquired this cast iron trivet/plaque.  Despite the damage to the dove and the rough appearance I had fallen in love with this depiction of the heart in hand.   It gave the appearance that the hand was giving the heart over, while still protecting it in its gentle embrace, like cradling a small bird.   It is a simple yet powerful image.  The bearer is both thoughtful and generous, careful yet ready to aid others. As Odd Fellows, we cannot just help anyone who comes to altar of aid.  

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