New Symbol Shirt Designs by Ainslie Heilich

I have been working on some minimalism/geometric monoline designs to represent the Degrees of Odd Fellowship.  It was tough to figure out what symbols to include or exclude, but I am pleased with the overall inclusion.  

These designs are available in the Heart in Hand Store, and are able to be placed on tons of unique products if tshirts aren’t your thing.   As always, all proceeds benefit my home Lodge. 

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Are You Part of the Problem?

If you think this post is about you, then it probably is.

Do you truly carry the lessons of Odd Fellowship in your heart and through your actions? Or are you an Odd Fellow only during Lodge and once you get in your car and return to your regular life you forget about it all until the next meeting?

There are many ways we can discuss incorporating the teachings of the Degrees into our daily lives, but I want to focus one one area today. Social Media.

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Artwork: Reworking Old Images. Vol I.

Several years ago, I acquired this cast iron trivet/plaque.  Despite the damage to the dove and the rough appearance I had fallen in love with this depiction of the heart in hand.   It gave the appearance that the hand was giving the heart over, while still protecting it in its gentle embrace, like cradling a small bird.   It is a simple yet powerful image.  The bearer is both thoughtful and generous, careful yet ready to aid others. As Odd Fellows, we cannot just help anyone who comes to altar of aid.  

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