“Odd fellows Symbolic Vanitas” New Art by Ainslie Heilich

I am proud to introduce the latest art project for the Good of the Order, the “Odd Fellows Symbolic Vanitas”. Scroll down for the link to order items from Zazzle.

What is a “Vanitas” anyway?

“Although a few vanitas pictures include figures, the vast majority are pure still lifes, containing certain standard elements: symbols of arts and sciences (books, maps, and musical instruments), wealth and power (purses, jewelry, gold objects), and earthly pleasures (goblets, pipes, and playing cards); symbols of death or transience (skulls, clocks, burning candles, soap bubbles, and flowers); and, sometimes, symbols of resurrection and eternal life (usually ears of corn or sprigs of ivy or laurel). The earliest vanitas pictures were sombre, somewhat monochromatic compositions of great power, containing only a few objects (usually books and a skull) executed with elegance and precision. As the century progressed, other elements were included, the mood lightened, and the palette became diversified. Objects were often tumbled together in disarray, suggesting the eventual overthrow of the achievements they represent.” 


I was inspired by these works to make an Odd Fellows related piece since it is an obvious symbolic match. Plus, I wanted to give myself a long term art “assignment” and over 6 months and 56 hours of logged screen time I was able to create something that pushed me as an artist. I don’t generally spend near that amount of time on a single artwork and breaking through the barrier of being over working on something before its complete was part of the goal. I may return to it someday to put even more time into it but for now I am happy with the result and feel like its ready to share with the world. Feel free to check out this timelapse video of how the process went.

As always, all Zazzle royalties will not benefit me personally and will be part of my lodge’s rainy day fund.


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