Hoodwink How To -by Scott Robinson


Scott Robinson
Lewisburg, PA Lodge No. 96

I have been looking for a source of hoodwinks for some time. Originals are too fragile and expensive, modern steam punks are way too expensive and need to be custom made.

While I was at Harbor Freight, I bought a set of el-cheapo welding goggles…$4.99 for 2! Part number 35711. Get a coupon and they are $3.99! Well, behind the first full lens goggle, was a flip-up hoodwink style goggle! Woo hoo! So, I bought a few and modified them for our use.


Here’s how:

Take the flip up lenses out.
The rings that hold them turn 1/8 of a turn and come right out, or you can carefully pry them out.


I painted one side of the dark welding lens gold and the other side flat black. While they are drying, remove the clear lens that is on the goggle. We learned that this reflects things from inside the lodge and the candidate sees what is behind them. Remove them the same way that you removed the lenses. Pry out the retaining ring. Toss these clear lenses away.
Now, reassemble the flip-up lenses. Put the clear lens in first and the painted lens on top. Gold side against the clear lens. Make sure the flat black side is towards the eyes. Put the retaining ring back in place, making sure it’s locked so the lenses don’t fall out.
You can also paint and use the one-piece goggle…but the hoodwinks are more traditional and fun!

There ya go! Hoodwinks for $4.99.

If anyone else has any how to ideas fo Lodges, please share them!

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