An Eye For The Lack Of An Eye

You have two eyes. Would you give one of your eyes so someone in a developing nation without sight could become seeing? You have two kidneys. Would you give one up so a stranger could live a longer life? What is it that drives some of us to look beyond our own interests and the […]

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Mind the (Generational) Gap

In England, the London Underground has a famous phrase, “MIND THE GAP”, that is played over the PA system and is emblazoned on the edge of the station platforms.  This now iconic warning is to remind passengers stepping on or off of the trains to look down and make sure they aren’t stepping out into thin air, as many of the station platforms are curved and therefore create a large divide to step over. As Odd Fellows, we have our own gap to mind.  The generational one.

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The Lost Symbols of Odd Fellowship

Shadowy cabals, connections to European kings and US presidents, and possibly one late 19th century rebellion in a US state, dot Odd Fellow’s history. And although we are not like Freemasonry, we are an organization that has been around since the late 1730’s, and if you spend time digging you can find a ton of mystery. […]

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The Gift of Time -by Kelly Hughes

By Kelly Hughes Grand Master Washington State 2017-2018 Originally printed in the Washington Odd Fellow. As I sit here writing this letter for the newspaper, I think about the holidays. I received several wonderful gifts from family, but the most precious of all was time. Mother and I had my nephew and his wife and […]

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