All Earthly Greatness Goes Away

  This is not a solid world in the way we may think of it. Sure, we see rocks as solid, concrete as solid, steel and other metals as solid. Yet, as our skull and bones emblem reminds us, all things decay, disintegrate, and transform. This is a reminder that the natural world around us is […]

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Origins and Meanings of the Three Links

In this evolving research piece, I explore the many possible origins of the Three Links. They all have their merits and perhaps one of them is the truth. I also try to delve into the more esoteric symbolism behind the image and the lessons it has to teach us as we contemplate it. Much of this piece is up for interpretation and I welcome any dialogue on this subject.

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Take Our Odd Fellows Survey

I’ve never seen a survey about Odd Fellowship before. So here’s one. This survey is 25 questions and is NOT ENDORSED by SGL or GL or any local Lodge. It is going to be used only by Heart In Hand. I’m not sure this is gonna work–I’ve never conducted a survey before, and I’ve never […]

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Odd Fellows and the Mystery of an Unidentified Murder Victim

  “The Tamam Shud case, also known as the Mystery of the Somerton Man, is an unsolved case of an unidentified man found dead at 6:30 am, 1 December 1948, on Somerton beach, Glenelg, just south of Adelaide, South Australia.” — Wikipedia Below is an article alleging a connection between Odd Fellows and the Somerton Man Mystery. He may have been an Odd Fellow, but […]

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