Ghosts of Odd Fellows Past on Camera!

Check out Heart in Hand co-founder Ainslie Heilich’s haunted Lodge/Tattoo Studio/Home when the GhostNet Paranormal Investigations team came over!

Visit Sovereign Grand Lodge: Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Visit our Facebook page: Heart In Hand

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5 thoughts on “Ghosts of Odd Fellows Past on Camera!

  1. I’m already receiving (by email) posts from you. But today I signed up again. Was this an error on your page or do we need to reup once in awhile?


    1. You shouldn’t have to sign up again. Were you just seeing the prompts at the bottom of the every post for new readers to sign up?


  2. i saw you wrote piece on thomas wildey , would you happen to know where he may have come from ? i think i saw england . but anything other than that ? i ask because wildey is my last name and really uncommon last name


  3. This is so great, coming from two tattoo artists as well. 🙂 My and my fiance would love to come visit you and your shop, from KC! I don’t believe we have an Odd Fellows Lodge here, but I am so interested! wonderful video and it’s good to see folks with our same interests in such a rich& historic organization


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