Why am I an Odd Fellow? Part 1

By Ainslie Heilich, PG Tuscola #316 ArtofVintageKarma.com Why am I an Odd Fellow? This is a question that people either ask me that we as members should look deep inside and ask ourselves from time to time so that we can honestly answer why we are so invested in fighting for our beloved Order. I […]

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For years, I wanted to belong to a fraternal order. I’d researched several and settled on Odd Fellowship. It took a couple of years of trying to contact people before someone eventually replied, and so my journey to Jericho began. The journey has been difficult, but not without diamonds found along the way. My first […]

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Odd Fellows Makeover

There has been the need for a makeover for the Odd Fellows for a good long while. Most haven’t heard of us. Those who have either think that we are long gone or just a few old guys that hang out once a month. Sadly, that is the reality in many places, punctuated by the random Lodge here and there that is having a revival.

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Origins and Meanings of the Three Links

In this evolving research piece, I explore the many possible origins of the Three Links. They all have their merits and perhaps one of them is the truth. I also try to delve into the more esoteric symbolism behind the image and the lessons it has to teach us as we contemplate it. Much of this piece is up for interpretation and I welcome any dialogue on this subject.

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