The Warden’s Axe – our 100th post!

There is an old Odd Fellows tradition that has been lost, but we recently decided to bring it back in my lodge.  It is the tradition of the Warden’s Axe.

In many lodges it is customary to collect donations for the needy and distressed on the Warden’s axe, which has painted on the side presented for the donation the expressive Heart in Hand -Grosh’s Manual p.104

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Telling the Story of Odd Fellowship

This year, on Halloween, I had the pleasure of going to a live performance of the Lore Podcast given by its creator, Aaron Mahnke, at the historic Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia. If you’ve not checked out Lore, I strongly encourage you do. During each episode, Mahnke tells a series of strange, historically accurate stories relating to a common theme. His show has over 97 million downloads and was recently made into an Amazon Prime television series.

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For years, I wanted to belong to a fraternal order. I’d researched several and settled on Odd Fellowship. It took a couple of years of trying to contact people before someone eventually replied, and so my journey to Jericho began. The journey has been difficult, but not without diamonds found along the way. My first […]

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