The Millenial Generation: Seeking The “Authentic” by Todd E. Creason

You see, Freemasons and Odd Fellows alike aren’t exactly sure what to make of the millennial generation.  We don’t think they’re interested in what we have to offer.  We believe they’d find our ritual too “old fashioned” and view our values as a relic left over from the long-forgotten past.  But that’s not true at all.  Ainslie said the millennial generation is searching for authenticity.  They are seeking authentic experiences–something far more real than posting a photo on social media and seeing how many people “like” it. 

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Do You Have a Plan? by Toby Hanson DGM, WA

    In any organization there’s something called “institutional knowledge:” the knowledge inherent in the institution which is necessary to the function of the organization.  This can be anything from procedural information, like how to file reports, to where supplies are stored or what day the garbage is picked up.  In Buckley #75, all of our institutional knowledge was invested in only one person and, when she passed away, that knowledge was lost.  Now we’re going through the difficult and time-consuming process of rebuilding that store of knowledge.

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Odd Group Activities For Your Lodge

We all need lodge activities. If you can get at least 3 people together from your lodge (including yourself), try doing one of the following Odd activities. Click the highlighted links for more information. 1. Ghost Hunting:  Ghost Hunting 2. Visit an Escape Room: Escape Room    3.  Brew some beer. Drink it. Homebrewing 4. Geocaching: Geocaching 5.  Participate […]

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An Eye For The Lack Of An Eye

You have two eyes. Would you give one of your eyes so someone in a developing nation without sight could become seeing? You have two kidneys. Would you give one up so a stranger could live a longer life? What is it that drives some of us to look beyond our own interests and the […]

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Mind the (Generational) Gap

In England, the London Underground has a famous phrase, “MIND THE GAP”, that is played over the PA system and is emblazoned on the edge of the station platforms.  This now iconic warning is to remind passengers stepping on or off of the trains to look down and make sure they aren’t stepping out into thin air, as many of the station platforms are curved and therefore create a large divide to step over. As Odd Fellows, we have our own gap to mind.  The generational one.

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The Gift of Time -by Kelly Hughes

By Kelly Hughes Grand Master Washington State 2017-2018 Originally printed in the Washington Odd Fellow. As I sit here writing this letter for the newspaper, I think about the holidays. I received several wonderful gifts from family, but the most precious of all was time. Mother and I had my nephew and his wife and […]

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