IOOF Ciphers designed by Ainslie Heilich

By Ainslie Heilich
Tuscola #316 and Heart in Hand co-founder

For a long time I have been a fan of Turbayne’s “Monograms and Ciphers” book so I was inspired to make some IOOF related ones. These are free for any Odd Fellow or Lodge to use for the Good of the Order so long as it is not for personal profit.  If you are using these for a shirt I would love it if one was sent my way.


Click on the image to view in full and right click to “save as”.  On some devices the image may not show up when clicking since they are black graphics over a black background.   You can still save them and view them fine.


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5 thoughts on “IOOF Ciphers designed by Ainslie Heilich

  1. These are niiiiiice !!!!! Ever thought about creating an interfraternal one? One that links the guoof n ioof for us Double Odds ? Would be a helluva concept worthy one ! Seriously though these are dope !


  2. Timing is perfect! What would you suggest as a font to go with cipher 3? Thinking for our lodge name, or “Volunteer”, or “I am an Odd Fellow” or whatever else we dream up to go with the IOOF. Thanks!


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