Take Our Odd Fellow’s Quiz!

No cheating. See how well you do!

  1. In what century is it commonly believed that Odd Fellowship was founded? A) 19th, B) 16th, C) 17th, D) 18th
  2. Who was the Odd Fellow that was president during the Reconstruction period in the United States? A) Augustus Garland, B) US Grant, C) Abraham Lincoln, D) Thomas Jefferson
  3. Which of the following two leaders during WWII were Odd Fellows? A) Stalin and Roosevelt, B) Roosevelt and Churchill, C) Churchill and Stalin, D) Roosevelt and Chamberlain
  4. In what year is it commonly believed that Odd Fellowship began in the United States? A) 1817, B) 1719, C) 1919, D) 1819
  5. King George the IV was a king and Odd Fellow. Which of the following was also an Odd Fellow and considered a king? A) Levi Stanley, B) George Buncomb, C) Josh Jameson D) Henry Schoolcraft
  6. In what year did the American Order break away from the English Order? A) 1843, B) 1863, C) 1783, D) 1803
  7. The founder of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in the United States was A) Peter O’Hanlon, B) Peter Ogden, C) Pete Davidson, D) Pete O’Sheen
  8. Which of the following has never been a symbol used by Odd Fellows? A) The sun, B) Skull and bones, C) The moon, D) The anvil
  9. Which of the following was a Latin phrase used in the early days by the Order? A) A Solis Ortu Usque Ad Occasum, B) Ab Absurdo, C) Amor Vincit Omnia, D) Amicita, Amor, et Veritas
  10.  Degrees may be conferred in a lodge other than the one a candidate belongs to when, A) the candidate shows up at another lodge’s degree night, B) requested by the lodge to which the candidate has been elected, C) requested by the lodge which is delivering the degrees, D) given permission by the Past Grands of both lodges
  11. The trial of a member against whom charges have been preferred shall take place in which degree? A) Initiatory Degree, B) The highest degree the candidate has achieved, C) White Degree, D) Third Degree
  12. Who has charge of the inner door except as otherwise provided in ritual? A) Inner Guardian, B) Conductor, C) Warden, D) Vice Grand
  13. When balloting for membership, the ballot box is to be placed A) on a pedestal by the Noble Grand, B) on a pedestal near the Conductor, C) on a pedestal in the anteroom, D) on a pedestal in the center.
  14. The right of a lodge to grant two or more degrees to a candidate at the same meeting is  A) left to Grand Lodge legislation, B) left to the discretion of the Noble Grand, C) left to the discretion of the membership committee, D) left to subordinate lodge legislation
  15. If the Noble Grand is absent, the Vice Grand may deliver charges and instructions. Who else may do so? A) Right Supporter of Noble Grand, B) Chaplain, C) Left Scene Supporter, D) Past Grand.

How’d you do?

5 thoughts on “Take Our Odd Fellow’s Quiz!

    1. Greetings from the Oriental Lodge number 12, Newark Delaware!
      Thank you for sharing the quiz, and if you allow it, we want to use it in our game night on November 10th.

      Best regards,

      Iara Krasnoff


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