The Many Ways To Study Odd Fellowship

In days gone by we studied Odd Fellowship from books and the ritual. And today, we should be doing the same thing. But there are additional platforms we can use to study our principles that are adaptations from back in the day. We can also learn about our principles from those who are not Odd Fellows. We can learn Friendship, Love, and Truth from our neighbor. We can learn from elementary kids not to judge others by appearance.

On Heart and Hand you’re going to see lots of creative videos. You’re going to see bands. See documentaries. Hear music and have the opportunity to study the lyrics. And all of these will in some way reflect on a principle, history, emblem, or recognition (sometimes good sometimes bad) of Odd Fellowship. We recommend you watch and listen and read everything. We recommend YOU submit YOUR OWN STUFF too. Be creative. Off the chain.

Here’s our first example.

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