Odd Fellowship in Popular Culture

In a way, Heart in Hand is a reflection of popular culture. Maybe it’s obvious. It should be. While making us more aware of our past it must even more importantly make us aware of our “now,” and our future.

As your Conductor began working through material for this blog, he became interested in how Odd Fellows are portrayed in popular American and World culture. And although you may think we’ve completely disappeared from the scene, we’re still there. Making an impact in communities across the United States and the World. Even though in more indirect ways.

Odd Fellow art has taken a place in art shows across the country as a vestige of a time gone by and a renewal in the time present. It is being embraced by hipster, Indie, picker, the biker, tattooed, the musician, as a form of protest, and as a reinforcement for love, truth, and justice. The all seeing eye has been embraced by America’s youth as a symbol of both rebellion and dominion. The skull and bones can be found on clothing across the country thanks to the art work of Ed Hardy and the acting of Johnny Depp. The hourglass is tattooed on buttocks all across the country…(I can’t be serious for long). Anyway, our emblems can be found all across the country, and those who are not initiated can still identify with them.

Our name is being used by pubs, rock bands, video producers, and ice cream parlors.

Our old Odd Fellows lodges, halls, and temples across the country are being revamped and rehabilitated all across the country. Not by our Order (something that Sovereign Grand Lodge should be ashamed of), but by local communities. Communities who use them for theaters, dance spaces, places for people to watch films and see art exhibits. Places where people can meet and seek Friendship, Love, and Truth in their community. Exactly what the buildings were made for.

Your Conductor asks “Why are Grand Lodges not going into communities where these old buildings are being restored and offering to reestablish lodges there?” That seems like a no brainer.

So the Independent Order of Odd Fellows is not lost. We only need to find the people again. Some are seeking, but are you finding?

It’s all a returning and we can take advantage of it. It’s all…a remix. Watch parts one, two and three of this video through the eyes of an Odd Fellow. Part four is about intellectual property and patent law (not really applicable) but ends with a great quote about social evolution.


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