Have you left the Order? Are you frustrated enough to think about leaving? Every week we have people come into this Order who are looking for something in their lives. Something that will transform their thinking, beliefs, outlooks on life, personal paradigms, friendships, and family lives. Some join to learn the secrets of the Illuminati […]



The universe uses emblems or symbols to reveal itself to humanity. In ancient days, groups of philosophers and mystics used the symbols of the natural world to teach deep philosophical ideas to their initiates. The Rosicrucians, also originally known as Brothers of the Rose Cross, are an ancient Order supposedly connected to the Templars. The […]


Excerpts from DDGM Instruction Manual – by Michael Greenzeiger

Beyond our core principles, there are infinite possibilities for how a lodge can be. One may think of it as a platform for holding whatever social, fraternal, or service activities fit the desires and interests of its members – so long as those activities are in harmony with our principles. Lodges have been successful in many different ways: through shared meals and parties, through putting on activities, through sharing in hobbies, through serving the local community in whatever capacity, through raising money to give to good causes, through practicing and performing the Ritual of the Order, through studying the deeper meanings of Odd Fellowship and its rituals, or through engaging with our history.

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Mind the (Generational) Gap

In England, the London Underground has a famous phrase, “MIND THE GAP”, that is played over the PA system and is emblazoned on the edge of the station platforms.  This now iconic warning is to remind passengers stepping on or off of the trains to look down and make sure they aren’t stepping out into thin air, as many of the station platforms are curved and therefore create a large divide to step over. As Odd Fellows, we have our own gap to mind.  The generational one.

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More than a Social Club

We are reminded every time we begin a formal meeting that we should regard our lodge as our family and hail each other as brothers and sisters. Perhaps we hear this statement so frequently that we simply take it for granted and don’t stop to think about what it means. In truth, however, it speaks to a notion which is fundamental to Odd Fellowship and which renders us distinct from a mere social club.

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On Finding our Value and Potential Place in Contemporary American Society – by Michael Greenzeiger

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have recently read a book entitled Secret Ritual and Manhood in Victorian America by Mark C. Carnes. This book is an academic treatment of the role our Order along with several others played in the United States during the 19th century. Although I do not agree with every conclusion that […]

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Why Can’t We Have Nice Things? By Michael Greenzeiger

Quality takes on many forms. In addition to our lodge halls themselves, we must also think about the lodge furnishings, regalia, and grounds. When we put on an event, the event needs to be well-planned. If food is served, it should be nicely presented in addition to tasting good. There should be options to fit the requirements and tastes of all those present so far as possible. When we perform ritual, it needs to be done competently and with feeling even if we don’t have the time or ability to do memorization work. If we can memorize and recite fluently, all the better!

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