Christopher McHale Interview -by Toby Hanson PGM

I went from not being a member of the Odd Fellows to then, as I’ve said—it’s kind of overtaken my life. It literally has become a huge chunk of my life and I’ve had a few people over the past two years ask me if they joined Odd Fellowship what would they get out of it. You can literally get out of it whatever you want. You could just show up to a meeting a month and not participate, you can make life long friends, you can travel the world and meet brothers and sisters all over the place.

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CONSIDER THE POOR. (Adapted and edited for the 21st century reader from The Symbol and Odd Fellows Magazine, 1845. I used 19th/early 20th century photos and drawings to keep with the tone of the article) We call the attention of our readers to the following excerpt, from a report, made by the Episcopal city missionary, Bro. […]

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