Learn the Lodge Officer Jewels- new art by Ainslie Heilich

By Ainslie Heilich
Tuscola #316 and Heart in Hand co-founder

Newer members sometimes get put into the position of Warden because there is a lot that can be learned in that role.  One of the responsibilities of the Warden is to place regalia at the appropriate officer station before Lodge and put it away at the end.   It can be confusing since there are sometimes a combination of styles of regalia that may be used in a Lodge, be it collar/sash or cord/chain but it all comes down to learning the jewel that is attached or embroidered.



In order to help with the process of learning which piece of regalia goes where…and to answer the eternal question, “is this one for the Secretary or Financial Secretary?” I have designed this chart, using the same room layout image found in our charge books.

Please feel free to share this image with all your members!

Prints can be purchased from the Heart in Hand Zazzle store.

All proceeds benefit Tuscola #316.


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4 thoughts on “Learn the Lodge Officer Jewels- new art by Ainslie Heilich

  1. Thanks Ainslie I just became an odd fellows last night in large part to your example on YouTube etc. As a new brother this graphic helps me. Lots of info to absorb… Article idea for you… “10 books every odd fellow should own and read.”


    1. Thank you for the kind words and that is a great article idea. Make sure you follow the SGL on Facebook /IOOFSGL and Instagram @the_odd_fellows if you don’t already! And we would love to hear from you as well if you want to submit anything. ❤️✋️


  2. The example as I see it has the R. Secretary and the F. Secretary reversed from the Ritual?Charge Book. See OFFICER JEWELS of an ODD FELLOWS LODGE: Appendix II, page A-3


    1. By golly you are correct! My lodge set of jewels I made this chart from was incorrectly marked! Foiled again by the RS/FS question. I made the corrections. Thank you for your close eye.


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