23,000 Views, and THANKS!

23,000 views…daaaang! We never expected this! We’ve been a blog for just over a year.

Just put your money in our waistband…

Thank you, if you’ve ever read ONE article on Heart In Hand. If you’ve read more than one, thank you again and again.

And, to put some of ya’ll on blast, we’ve learned something about you: You love the Order, and you’re willing to support attempts to bring the Order into the 21st century. And this takes a lot of work. We implore you to use whatever information on Heart In Hand you need to help you advance the IOOF in your community. Pass our web address to new recruits, or use an article to facilitate a discussion in your lodge.

But, our 23,000 isn’t about us at Heart In Hand. We are merely a continuation of older Odd Fellows magazines like The Odd Fellows Talisman, The Odd Fellows Offering, The Odd Fellows Magazine, and The Odd Fellows Literary Casket, talisman.jpgto name a few. 23,000 views is also an indicator of the interest in the Order–that in spite of membership decline in fraternal Orders and incompetent leadership decisions (What Niko Taught Us ) some of us are determined to drag, cajole, beg, beseech, implore, and educate our Order into the 21st century.

IF YOU WANT TO WRITE AN ARTICLE FOR US, PLEASE DO! We especially want to hear from women, so step up sisters, we need your expertise! Odd Fellows of all genders, racial and ethnic groups, and members of the LGBTQ community are welcome to write articles. If you’re not a good writer, we can cooperatively edit your article until you’re satisfied with it. Article length should be at least 300 words, and cannot be about two Odd Fellow restrictions: politics and religion. We would be interested in articles on Odd Fellowship and how it relates to popular culture, hobbies, literature, communication, music, art, dance, the outdoors, history, small business, fundraising, and experiences in travel and helping the distressed.

If you have an idea for an article and you want us to write it, please email one of us and we’ll do our best.

Here’s a shout out to those who’ve written for Heart In Hand. We started with the most recent article contribution and worked our way backward. These folks are among the most talented in Odd Fellowship!

Brother Toby Hanson

Brother Supreme Page

Brother Kelly Hughes

Brother Scott Robinson

Sister Jessica Dickinson

Brother Seth Anthony

Brother Billy Sanderson

Brother Michael Greenzeiger

Brother David Sheer

Brother Teke van Baden

Thank ya’ll for writing and the work you put into your articles for Heart In Hand, and the love you have for The Independent Order of Odd Fellows!



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