PSGM Humphrey joins the GUOOF by Bro. Page


I come to you all in the bond of Friendship Love and Truth…..Great news for Oddfellowship!

I am honored to have had the pleasure of bringing PSGM Bro. Jimmy Humphrey into the Grand United Order of Oddfellows, Florence lodge 2212 ! He along with six more gentlemen answered the call to come forth and help us to build something greater than ourselves. Even more awesome was that it was in the presence of my father who is also a proud new member of our Illustrious Order ! He drove six hours to attend lodge, and be a part of history brethren!  (That’s something to remember for those of us who have lost site of their needed attendance lol)


If you’re unaware of who Bro. Humphrey is, refer back to my previous posts on this site. It is worth mentioning that this same day the rest of the world  was reeling at the sights and sounds of the horror @ Charlottesville,VA ! While a country was slowly seeping into disrepair, the Oddfellows were making history… This speaks volumes without a word uttered and all should be proud and inspired by what’s taking place! A member of the Independent Order of OddFellows joining the Grand United Order you say ? Seems odd? Damn right!


We have both taken some major hits since the golden era of fraternalism and with today’s technological advances…. There’s no excuse for antiquated ideologies and division and if we truly believe in our Mysterious Three it is about time we show it by being the change necessary to ensure our legacy and impact on society! By bridging the gap between us, we can and will be the example for our family and communities. Therefore it is imperative that all who can, do something about the barriers that separate us. By joining both orders, by combining our efforts, by doing things together,by increasing our understanding of Friendship Love and Truth we can change the world!

I leave as I came in the bond of Friendship Love and Truth…..
Warden / public relations Florence lodge 2212

7 thoughts on “PSGM Humphrey joins the GUOOF by Bro. Page

  1. This is off topic, but can you do a blog about GUOOF and IOOF? Also, could you explain the regalia a little. I know both use collars, but I was surprised to see aprons. Thanks.


    1. Good idea! I have an Odd Fellow “family tree” chart that would show the different branches and help explain things.


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