Famous American Odd Fellows of the Mid-1800s Digital Painting

by Ainslie Heilich

Several months ago I was commissioned by Louie Blake Saile Sarmiento to create an image depicting a specific list of famous American Odd Fellows of the mid-1800s for his upcoming book on the Odd Fellows.   This was no simple task and was definitely a labor of love.  Thankfully, with the use of technology (in this case the Photoshop-like App “Procreate”) I was able to collage and render the painting digitally on my iPad.  The program times my progress and in the end I had invested 24 hours and 16 minutes into this piece.  If I had done it by hand using traditional means it would have taken considerably longer and not had as good a result.  With the help of some antique MC Lilly and Henderson-Ames regalia catalogues, I was able to give everyone a unique collar.


From Left to Right :
Schuyler Colfax, US Vice President (1869-1873)
Rutherford B Hayes, US President (1877-1881)
Ulysses S Grant, US President (1869-1877)
Anson Jones, Last President of the Republic of Texas
William Chapman Ralston, Founder of the Bank of California
Albert Pike, attorney and important Freemason
John H Powers, “The Kentucky Giant” famous performer
PT Barnum, famous showman and businessman
Amasa LeLand Stanford, Founder of Stanford University
Thomas Hendrix, 21st Vice President of US
William Marsh Rice, Founder of Rice University
Wyatt Earp, Iconic Western Lawman

Wyatt Earp’s 1909 Dues receipt/ Membership card

You can find a more exhaustive list of notable Odd Fellows at http://ioofphilippines.yolasite.com/notable-members.php

You can order prints of this image at

Below is the time-lapse of all 24 plus hours condensed down just under 8 minutes.

Enjoy in F, L, & T!

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