Thanks To Our Readers!

Thanks to our readers!

As of 5/18/2017 Heart in Hand, The Modern Odd Fellows Guide has gotten 3,450 views since it began in March. This number is no small accomplishment given the numbers of Odd Fellows that are online and who enjoy reading and interacting with a blog about and for modern Odd Fellowship.

We’ve been viewed in countries all over the globe. Here’s a shout out to the United States, Finland, Canada, Ghana, Switzerland, Denmark, Philippines, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, and Australia– all who make up our top ten.  We’ve also been viewed by Iceland, Germany, Cuba and many others.

It is our hope you’ll keep coming back. It is also our hope that you’ll offer contributions that we can use. We see urging the Order to progress into the 21st century as a moral imperative. A path on which we hope you’ll travel along with us!


In Friendship, Love, and Truth,

In Fidelity, Loyalty, and Tolerance,

Ainslie and Scott (the Conductor)

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