Odd Fellows Hall, Digital Painting, Young Poets



In the video below we learn that our buildings continue to help communities express themselves, even though the lodge membership is long gone.

The 99Angles Project is a multimedia artistic proposal that links digital writings to intervention’s methods in the public space.

These 3 buildings, selected together with local artists, represent the past and the present of the city of New Orleans. Three buildings were chosen by these young artists for their work. The first building is an Old Odd Fellows and Masonic Hall.

From the artists: “These buildings were not restored or rehabilitated but, we have transformed them, the time of an evening of November 2015, into a stage. They have been the theatre of a digital art creation, with the help of our digital & sound writing software, Graphic Orchestra.”

The poetry along with the art is magic. But what did the Conductor, as an Odd Fellow, learn from these young artists? I learned this question: “Wouldn’t they make wonderful Odd Fellows?”

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