One of the Things We’re Up To

One of the things we’re up to:

Your Conductor has spent a lot of time perusing back issues of 19th century Odd Fellows publications. “The Ark,” and “The Odd Fellows Casket,” are two fine examples of 19th century Odd Fellows publications. However, reading them can be quite cumbersome for the modern reader.

What your Conductor is doing on occasion is selecting various articles from these publications to edit and reprint here in a more modern format with more modern sentence structure and wording. Sometimes I will provide clarification or remarks. These will usually be in parenthesis and italics. Most of these articles are edited to be shorter than the originals. Also, the web address will be provided for each article should you choose to view it in detail.

Viewing these articles can give a modern Odd Fellow an insight into things that were important over 170 years ago (Most of these publications only go back to 1844), to Odd Fellows. And yes, there is some sage advice in these old books and publications. And yes, there’s some horrible writing and opinions in them as well. I’ll try and ignore those…

Also: we’re looking for things that break the mold. 21st century art, videos, music, drama, writing, poetry! We’re encouraging you as Odd Fellows to get creative and show us what you’ve got. We’ll be taking submissions soon.

The Conductor

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