Lodge Meetings don’t have to suck- By Toby Hanson, PGM

All of us who have had any level of professional experience have sat
through meetings.  At best, they can be productive and informative.  At
worst, they can be mind-numbing.  Since we all have to endure meetings
of various effectiveness in our professional lives, why would we ever
allow our lodges to hold sloppy, disorganized meetings?  Such meetings
represent a disregard for members’ time and a disincentive for their
continued participation in the lodge.

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50,000 Views in Two Years!

A little over two years ago, two Odd Fellows who were Facebook friends were discussing the lack of new Odd Fellow content online.   So we cooked up a crazy idea of starting a blog together.   We had no idea where we would go with it or if anyone would bother to read it, but it was worth a shot.  So here we are two years later!  Not wanting to toot our own horn and we know we aren’t the biggest blog in the world but all expectations were blown away. 50,000 views is a lot more than we ever expected to get.

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