Have you left the Order? Are you frustrated enough to think about leaving? Every week we have people come into this Order who are looking for something in their lives. Something that will transform their thinking, beliefs, outlooks on life, personal paradigms, friendships, and family lives. Some join to learn the secrets of the Illuminati […]



The universe uses emblems or symbols to reveal itself to humanity. In ancient days, groups of philosophers and mystics used the symbols of the natural world to teach deep philosophical ideas to their initiates. The Rosicrucians, also originally known as Brothers of the Rose Cross, are an ancient Order supposedly connected to the Templars. The […]


Odd Fellows of Today: Our first VLOG!

Check out our first VLOG!  If this goes well we would like to do more videos and vlogs to supplement our written content. Let us know what you think and subscribe to the channel for more! 

Ainslie Heilich and Jenn Sereno sit down and chat about their experiences as active members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The conversation spans a big span of topics from getting new members, putting on events, community outreach, the value of learning from long time members, and the future of the IOOF.

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How to Promote Your Lodge – by Toby Hanson, GM

The easiest way to share the story of Odd Fellowship is person-to-person.  When the grocery checker asks if you have any plans tonight, you can answer her by saying that you’re going to your lodge meeting.  That’s a great opener for talking Odd Fellowship because it always leads to a question about the lodge.  Wearing an identifying piece of clothing like a hat or shirt is another great way to prompt questions about Odd Fellowship.  Make sure that you’re able to give a concise, accurate answer when the question comes up…

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How AMC Installed a Lodge in Every TV in America, & We Missed It -by Ryan Sumner

I didn’t even realize the show existed, until we were several episodes into the season. I was shocked,”How did we not hear about this? How were Lodges not involved in the marketing? How did our Grand Lodge not notify us of it?  Every great movement in history always has echoes in art, fashion, media and lifestyle. The West is in the midst of a revival in Fraternal Orders and we must capitalize on the awareness and exposure!” I had to check it out.

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